Total English Online. Women learning English in the park on a laptop.Total English Online, or TEO as we like to call it, is a new idea in learning. It is aimed at people who do not have time to go to schools to learn English. But who still need to learn, improve or upgrade their language. Is this you?

Then TEO is for you. TEO offers English writing and English conversation courses. With TEO you can study when you want and where you want. You can study from home, work, school or even on the bus!

Total English Online writing courses are designed for study online. They are also designed to be interesting. They will teach you how to write English in today’s world.  TEO writing is task based, and aimed at being relevant to your life.

Our online English conversation courses use the video conference software that you use day to day. You can study TEO listening-speaking courses on Skype, Google+ Hangouts, Webex or any other program you use. Our conversation classes can by one to one or small group. If you like intense learning direct from a teacher, then one to one is for you. If you prefer the fun of group, then choose this option. Total English Online conversation courses are specially designed for the Internet.

At Total English Online we recognize the need to use the communication programs and devices that use at home, study and work. Our courses are designed to be used on i-pads and Tablets. They can also be used on laptops, Macs or PCs if that is your choice. Total English Online courses can even be studied on an Android smart phone or an iPhone. It is important that you practice your communication on the kit that you you will use after study. The days of paper notebooks, whiteboards and CD players are quickly disappearing. Pens and paper are also disappearing from offices, so why would you want to learn with them? Communication is more than about language. It is in the modern world about device too, and we want you to learn and practice using the kit you use in your life.

TEO has been set set up by a group of long-term teachers and language program administrators to best suit the needs of students learning language for the modern world. It offers complete courses.

At TEO we also offer a range of specialized courses. Why not take a look at our course offerings?